Gala Klikk for større bilde
Varenr 2125
Tittel Gala
Utgave 201920
Salgsdag 16. mai 2019
I butikk til 30. mai 2019
Pris Sverige 55
Pris Norge 65
Land Tyskland
Utgivelse nr/år 52

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A clear structure characterizes the three main topics of Germany s prominent women s magazine: The News . GALA reports on the people of the week. Takes stock of trends in culture, politics, business and sports. The interviews are honest and personal with an independent style of photography. This is GALA s new journalistic standards for high-class entertainment. The lifestyle . See recent trends come to life. Trends in fashion, beauty, wellness, food, travel and shopping. New bath and body products are presented and recommended to tips for fitness and wellness. The shopping trends for the season. Gala shows he Society . Se where the celebrities meet, See how they live. Read what they think. Feel what they feel. It s the bible for people interested in the club scene.