Kick Magazine

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Varenr 5763
Tittel Kick Magazine
Utgave 202101
Salgsdag 21. januar 2021
I butikk til 25. februar 2021
Pris Sverige 105
Pris Norge 125
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgivelse nr/år 12

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Kick! is great for 6 to 12-year-old boys and girls who love football and want to know more about their favourite stars. Every month, KICK! takes an exciting, interactive look at the world of football. What were today s top footballers like when they were kids themselves? What do they get up to in their spare time? KICK! is accessible, aspirational and always loads of fun! With free gifts every issue and loads of fantastic competitions, it s even better than going to a footy match itself! Jam-packed with fantastic footy features, player interviews, quizzes, puzzles and huge glossy posters.