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Varenr 7186
Tittel Dj Mag
Utgave 202104
Salgsdag 13. april 2021
I butikk til 18. mai 2021
Pris Sverige 119
Pris Norge 139
Land Storbritannien (GB)
Utgivelse nr/år 12

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The original dance music and club culture journal. Established in 1991 in the UK, it has been long revered for its in-depth and up-front coverage of the exciting dance music scene. Unlike most of the other dance music titles DJ magazine is not a watery, dumbed down take on what is going on, but a full strength dose ¿ a double espresso to the weak supermarket brand instant coffee beverages that some of the other publishers put out. The DJ readers are the true style leaders of the massive cultural phenomenon that is Dance Music. They have the key information first. They influence their social circle to pursue their lifestyle ¿ the best new music, the best clubs, the most exciting new clothing, drink and lifestyle brands. The trickle-down effect starts here! DJ MAGAZINE covers the whole range of diverse elements that make up the Dance Music culture: dance music, club culture, DJ technology. It provides a magical mix of software and hardware in one exciting and user friendly package. It is easy to overlook the fact that the music and the equipment exist hand in hand. Even the very best new kit in the world is useless without the music to play through it. Equally, the greatest records don t work without the right gear to play them through and manipulate them with. Monthly.