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Tittel Fit & Well Magazine
Utgave 201906
Salgsdag 21. mai 2019
I butikk til 25. juni 2019
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Land Storbritannien (GB)
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The Fit & Well reader - You see them at the gym, walking their dogs, posting shots of gorgeous views or a fabulous meal on Instagram. These women are looking for breathing space in their lives. Work commitments, family concerns are all still very much in the picture but there¿s an awareness that time¿s moving on, they want to live well and investigate how to make this life the best it can be. It¿s also a time of firsts: perhaps they¿ve lost a parent, maybe their body is changing in a way they¿re not comfortable with, they may be moving towards the menopause with its sometimes complex emotional and physical challenges: whatever it is, Fit & Well is here to support and celebrate all that it means to be a woman caught in the mid-life `maelstrom¿. And there¿s plenty to celebrate! Reconnecting with friends, attempting a new fitness class or pursuit for the first time, travelling to new and fascinating destinations - it¿s all there for the taking. But to feel well, to look good whilst you¿re doing it certainly helps!