Auto Test Der Kaufberater

Effective January 2016 AUTO TEST Der Kaufberater will appear bimonthly as a seperate magazine and monthly as a supplement in SPORT BILD as well as trimonthly as a supplement in COMPUTER BILD. AUTO TEST Der Kaufberater will test a complete car segement in every issue. Main focus incl. tipps of financing, leasing and staff cars. AUTO TEST Der Kaufberater with the largest expertise at the market. Buy tipps of three different target groups. AUTO TEST Der Kaufberater will regularly test ¿New Mobility¿ in all bevels. Optimized test categories. AUTO TEST Der Kaufberater will increase its spectrum with lifestyle topics. Youngtimer and caravans.

Auto Test Der Kaufberater
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Förs. dag2022-09-13
I butik till2022-10-18
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