Finnish family magazine.

WWII History Present Spec

From Military Heritage. Each issue covers the famous battles, little-known incidents and usually forgotten sidebars to put you right in the action. Every issue has dozens and dozens of rare photographs, colorfully crisp paintings and meticulously detailed drawings culled from the biggest and best archives in the world. Printed on thick, glossy paper, with book-style binding, which allows you to store your collection on your shelves with the rest of your history library.


Colouring book for adults in Finish.

Ristikko Potti

Korsordstidning från Finland

Sylvin Helpot Ristikot

Light, varied and humorous crossword puzzles, including word games and anagrams. The magazine is in Finnish.

Matin Helpot Ristikot

Good, funny and the crosswords are easy to solve. The magazine is in Finnish.

Huippuhyvät Ristikot

Finsk korsordstidning

Testa stilen

För alla som älskar mode. Hitta stilen för de tre kompisarna på stranden, på café eller på andra platser. Välj kläder på stickersarken och skapa kul och roliga stilar.

RoligaMiner Klistermärken

För alla som älskar att pyssla. Välj vilket ansikte du vill ha på varje person. Stickersarket är fyllt av ansikten med olika känslor : glädje, ilska eller rädsla. Du väljer!

Art Review

ArtReview does just what our title says; we review the most challenging art of our time, wherever in the world it is being made. There¿s new work from artists who are already famous, and work from artists you will hear of for the first time in the magazine. But there¿s far more; you meet the artists in their studios and hear what they have to say about their work and its inspirations. We take you to see fascinating collections and talk to the collectors about their choices, their finds and their fun. Add hot news from the art world, shrewd coverage of the art market, our famous art gossip page ¿WetPaint¿, big features on big art topics, and here you have it. All you need to know about art and artists in your time. In ArtReview.