Classic Porsche Specia

What do you think of when you hear the name Porsche? Engineering excellence, sporting achievement, super cars you can enjoy on a daily basis, or even just the poster you had on your bedroom wall growing up? Porsche has come to represent all of the above and more. Ferdinand Porsche launched a motoring dynasty off the back of one of his humblest creations, the VW Beetle and it set in motion a period of evolution that continues to this day with the current 911. Classic Porsche Guide: The first 50 years showcases each of the company¿s major motoring milestones, from the first, Beetle-based 356, through the yuppy era of 911 to the water-cooled mid-engined944s and 928s to the last of its air-cooled offerings, the 993.

Classic Porsche Specia
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