Hawker Tempest

This highly anticipated special from the publishers of FlyPast
and Aeroplane magazines celebrates the 80th anniversary of
the first flight of the Hawker Tempest, the RAF fighter that
became famous in the battle against the V1 `buzz bombs¿
during the summer of 1944.
Beginning life as the `Typhoon II¿ to correct problems in the
design of that aircraft, it became the RAF¿s fastest pistonengine fighter; from its first shoot-down of a V1 in June 1944
to the last victory against the Luftwaffe over Germany 11
months later, Hawker¿s Tempest demonstrated its superiority
against all comers. This brand-new publication celebrates the
Tempest, its actions, and its heroic pilots

Hawker Tempest
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Förs. dag2022-09-22
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