Pc Pilot

PC Pilot is the only UK-based magazine that truly reflects the needs the flight simulator enthusiast. It is published in Great Britain by a skilled team, who have many years experience in magazines, software publishing, flight simulation and training. PC Pilot brings sense and expert opinion to the exciting and often daunting range of new simulations. PC Pilot editorial policy is to cover a wide spectrum of flight simulation product from the most detailed instrument-only simulator to fast paced combat and everything in between. PC Pilot is different. It understands that flight simulation is a hobby to many and much more than a game . It understands that its readers are fanatical about realism, but also that realism is more than just pretty graphics. It also understands that flight simmers have a passion for aviation, but may not know the intricacies of flying a 747 or may be daunted by the bewildering choices facing them. PC Pilot is here to help, to advise, to inform. Whether you¿re a beginner or an expert we share your passion! Bi-monthly

Pc Pilot
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