Rat Chat

Welcome to Rat Chat, home to arts and culture. From photography and interviews, to illustration, comedy, and porn, Rat Chat editorial believes that sexuality is culture, and seeks to celebrate both in the same publication. Rat Chat seeks to disrupt a narrative in which pleasure is denied to anyone whose life lies outside the ¿norm¿. To be a single mother who deeply values her sex life? Or a straight woman who finds love with a queer woman once in her 50s, or a married couple who falls in love with another married couple? Or a filmmaker whose Afro-diasporic family has rejected the sexual and familial hegemony of colonization for generations? All these and more are the love stories found within. Rat Chat is personal, political, erotic, and sometimes funny, a publication committed to stories about flesh and ideas. Rat Chat seeks to highlight the artists, thinkers, sex workers and other interesting people who make our society a more interesting and sexier place.

Rat Chat
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