Steam is comming home

Britain invented the steam railway locomotive concept, while other countries went on to build their own. However, once steam ended overseas, several were brought to Britain for heritage railway and museum use. Standard gauge: notably Polish tank engines, several of which today see regular use in preservation, also the giant Chinese loco at the National Railway Museum. The Kent & East Sussex Railway and Bressingham Steam Museum each have a Norwegian loco and the Nene Valley Railway several continental engines and carriages. Narrow gauge: By necessity, several narrow gauge lines have found engines built overseas their only source of affordable steam power. Brecon Mountain, Welshpool, South Tynedale, Ffestiniog etc all have locos built abroad, while others are on static display because no UK railway has the right gauge to run them. The Statfold Barn Railway has a huge museum full of imported and restored steam!

Steam is comming home
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