Airliner World Yearbook

The Airliner World Yearbook is what fans of the industry leading magazine have been requesting for years. And, in good time for the Christmas 2022 market, Key publishing has delivered. This 116 page special covers the key events that shaped the airline industry in 2022. How, for example, are the new aircraft programmes developing? What is happening in the cargo sector? And what are the opportunities for careers as pilots or in ground handling? All these, plus the drive to deliver technology to reduce gas turbine emissions, including sustainable aviation fuels. There will also be an examination of the many programmes to introduce electric or hybrid engines either for regional services or urban mobility. Who will be the stayers and which programmes will falter? And to balance the business talk, there will some history and what all
aviation fans love, a quiz.

Airliner World Yearbook
I butikk til2023-02-23
Pris Sverige199.00 kr
Pris Norge235.00 kr
Kommer ut1 Tider / år

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