Bae 146

Launched by Hawker Siddeley in 1973, the 146 jet airliner was
shelved the following year and only kept in being through the
fervent efforts of the workforce and politicians. Relaunched by
British Aerospace in 1978, it entered service five years later.
The 146 made headway in a number of markets owing to its
outstanding take-off and landing performance and the quietness
of its engines. November 2003 marked the final delivery of this
British-built airliner, but with 390 deliveries it remains the most
successful British jet airliner.
Originally released in 2016, this 100-page special publication has
been extensively updated for 2022 and includes over 150 colour
photos and large cutaway drawings. Fascinating reading for all
commercial aviation enthusiasts.

Bae 146
Art. nr0191
Förs. dag2022-09-13
I butik till2022-11-08
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Pris Norge235.00 kr
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