BQ Bees & Pollinators

As lockdowns sent Britain outdoors and back in touch with nature, magazines in the environment and gardening sector saw solid print circulation increases in 2020 – and double digit growth in combined on/offline audiences. The UK awoke to the realities of species loss across the UK; in particular the dangers to the wild places, plants and insects that once thrived here and now ensure the country’s food supply. Until now there has been NO news-stand title aimed squarely at this market – affluent, educated families with land, gardens and children, hungry for hands-on ways to learn about and help nature. This Spring, we’re filling that gap with a unique, high-quality newsstand magazine and website.

BQ Bees & Pollinators
I butikk til2022-03-31
Pris Sverige129.00 kr
Pris Norge149.00 kr
Kommer ut4 Tider / år

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