I Love Hedgehogs

There¿s no secret why hedgehogs are featured so often on bedsheets, apparel and other consumer goods¿they are just
SO CUTE! Now, to usher in the Autumn of 2023, they are joining Topps¿s popular line of lovable fuzzy animal figures.
I Love Hedgehogs will have kids saying ¿Awww…¿ with every mystery pack they open as they build their collection.
Each adorable hedgehog is brightly coloured and has a tactile flocked texture,
making it both fun to look at and hold.
Each packet contains one fuzzy hedgehog plus a sticker featuring the character¿s name.
The sticker also includes a helpful checklist on the back

I Love Hedgehogs
I butikk til2024-03-14
Pris Sverige29.90 kr
Pris Norge29.90 kr
Kommer ut1 Tider / år

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