Milk Kids Collection

Milk is a fashion magazine written in both French and English so that you keep your children up to date with the latest fashions and designers. Arranged alphabetically describing each designer in a brief summary, from `April Showers¿ to Zoom¿ footwear. There is a good range of the well known masters such as `Dior¿ and some smaller brands such as `Milk on the Rocks¿, so there is no chance of coming across the same look a hundred times. A quirky way of choosing clothes best suited to children based on their traits and age. It¿s bright, bold and beefy with plenty of brilliant ideas to create the perfect individual look for the coming season.

Milk Kids Collection
I butikk til2023-09-05
Pris Sverige365.00 kr
Pris Norge434.00 kr
Kommer ut2 Tider / år

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