Nordic Style

Nordic Style Magazine is a devoted publication sharing Nordic talents with the world. It looks beyond the horizon to be able to create something rememberable, sharp images and pages worth saving. Nordic Style Magazine is a raw and honest depiction of the Nordic countries¿ artistic communities, people, and its diverse cultures. It is built around three core pillars ¿ embracing individuality, diversity, and change, and explores how these permeate all that is `life¿ in this sought-after region. Thought-provoking texts are combined with fashion and art editorials. Poetry takes you to other worlds and unique interviews give a deeper, never-before-seen insight into the lives and creativity of Nordic people.

Nordic Style
I butikk til2021-12-13
Pris Sverige299.00 kr
Pris Norge355.00 kr
Kommer ut1 Tider / år

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