Vanity Teen

Vanity Teen was founded in 2008 with the idea of promoting new fashion talents. Relying on new faces and boosting their careers from the beginning. Vanity Teen discovered Cameron Dallas at 18 years old who became a worldwide famous internet star. Since 2008, we have been pioneers in featuring the future faces of fashion, art and entertainment that will pave the wave not only in its respective areas, but also echoes the ethos of today’s society. From the first influencers like Cameron Dallas, Lucky Blue Smith, Paris Brosnan to current influencers and celebrities like Manu Rios and Sandy Jules. The self-referential narcissism of youth behind the name Vanity Teen alludes to the importance we think Adolescence plays in society. Transcending the evocative and refreshing attributesof the modern generation, today’s youth is an extremely fashion and social conscious audience that clearly reflects and impacts society mood and style.

Vanity Teen
I butikk til2022-03-01
Pris Sverige265.00 kr
Pris Norge315.00 kr
Kommer ut2 Tider / år

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